Soak 1/2 spoon of raw rice for 15 min. Make a paste of soaked rice, coconut, green chilly and jeera, ginger.
Take half of the measure of butter milk. Bring it to boil on a low flame string frequently. Add the ground paste. Make it to boil (while in simmer).
Switch off fire. Add salt and stir. Add the remaining portion of butter milk (after switching off fire).
Season with mustard, curry leaves and red chilies.
1.While grinding coconut, first grind only the Coconut by adding water little by little. Then add the remaining ingredients. In This way, coconut will give away its milk first. This makes the paste whiter (instead of adding everything and grinding at once). In hotel coconut Chutney is made this way, hence they have a brighter color than home ones.
2. The butter milk should be boiled only on low flame and it should not be boiled with salt.
3. Keeping one portion of butter milk away. Adding the half measure at the end increases the consistency of the more kulambu
4. Different people prepare the kulambu in different manner. Some people add Ginger, some add garlic, some grind coriander into paste. Each one turns with its own taste.